Resume formatting

Resume Formatting

We make the resumes look chronological and legible for the human resource manager who is going to read it over again. Our resume formats are professional and easy to understand.

Full Cycle Recruitment

We help you with the complete recruitment process from receiving job requisition, understanding job description and accordingly screening the candidates, negotiating pay rates and onboarding them.

Full cycle recruitment
Talent Sourcing/Screening

Talent Sourcing/Screening

We specialize on targeting the right set of candidates matching to your job vacancies. We screen the candidates thoroughly before we shortlist them for next level interview process.

Lead Generation

Our talent building pool helps in generating lead of the potential job applicants that easily fits your requirement criteria. It is a very creative process that helps in approaching the qualified candidates for future approach.

Lead Generation
Database re-generation

Database Re-generation

We overcome the barriers of talent hunt by regenerating the database. It saves a lot of time and helps filtering qualified professionals matching to your vacancies.

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